Help and Tutorial Localisation

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There are a number of different bits of documentation that come with ACSLogo (including this page). Two of these are integrated with the program — Tutorials and Help. To localise them, you have to have some knowledge of how they fit into the program.


When you start up ACSLogo, you can see the tutorials in the Help menu:

It's easy to substitute your own tutorials.

When you download ACSLogo, you get an ACSLogo folder which contains the program itself and some other things. One of the other things is a tutorials folder:

The tutorials within the folder are just ACSLogo files created with the program in the usual way. You can use your own ACSlogo files instead of, or in addition to, the shipped tutorials — just put them in the tutorials folder. The tutorials appear in the Help menu in alphanumeric order — if you want them to appear in a different order, you need to add numbers to the beginnings of the file names.


ACSLogo provides help using the standard Apple Help system. The help is contained in a set of indexed html files. Remember back a couple of pages when we looked in the application bundle. In the English.lproj folder was a folder called Logo Commands:

This folder contains the help files:

If you look at one of the files in the html folder, you will see that it is valid html, with a number of added tags:

The tags are used for indexing.

There’s an entry in the help files for each command. Once you’ve translated each of the html files, you need to run the folder through the Apple Help Indexing Tool found in /Developer/Applications/Utilities. This isn't a particularly easy process, but there is documentation on the Apple website.