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These examples were exported from ACSLogo as TIFFs, then converted to JPEGs in Photoshop. Click on each picture to see a bigger version in a separate window. The pictures can also be seen as SVGs. Also see some Movies.

If anyone has some algorithmic pictures like these that I can add to the page, please e-mail me at

The first image is a simple pattern made by rotating squares around a circle. The second pattern uses the same technique, but the squares are offset and different fills and strokes are used to create a more complex result. A dropshadow shows how the pattern has ‘holes’.

These are two space-filling fractal curves. The Peano Curve is made up of a single line which starts in the bottom left and ends at the top right, never crossing itself. The second image is the Sierpinski triangle.

Spiro. Each line is stroked with a black line, then with a thinner white line. The second image uses the same algorithm with different input parameters.

Things you can do with text. The first image shows text rotated, drawn with transparency, dropshadow, stroked and filled. The second image is formed from a question mark which has been rotated 30 times around a circle, then stroked and filled.

A recursively drawn fern. Thanks to Eric and Simon for this one.