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Godel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid by Douglas R. Hofstadter. A remarkable book about knowledge, mathematics, music, language, structure, art, philosophy. Often the way a chapter is constructed is used to illustrate the particular point being made. A work of genius. cover
cover The Art of Looking Sideways by Alan Fletcher.
Games People Play by Eric Berne. An eye-opening book about the ritualistic behaviour people go through in their everyday relationships. cover
cover A History of Western Philosophy by Bertrand Russell. Classic text on 'the history of thought'. Makes a difficult subject very interesting.


UNIX Power Tools by Jerry Peek. cover
cover Programming Pearls by Jon Bentley. A book for people who believe that programming quality matters. Covers some of the standard algorithms with notes on how to approach programming. A bit thin for the price.


cover Chasing the Sun by Jonathon Green. Interesting book about the history of dictionaries. A bit detailed for the casual reader.
Mother Tongue by Bill Bryson. Rivetting book about the origin and development of English. cover
cover As well as being the standard Scrabble dictionary, The Chambers Dictionary is probably the best dictionary for everyday use. Good, accurate definitions. I often seem to find things in here that aren't in the concise Oxford.
The mother of all dictionaries, The Oxford English Dictionary, the twenty volume version, must surely be the biggest. It's not ideal for everyday use, though. Apart from its size, entries have more on derivation than explanation. It has a strange, old-fashioned style — for instance, instead of describing a word as a noun using n like most dictionaries, it uses sb for substantive. Its real strength is in the illustrative quotations which in some cases go back centuries. cover


cover Classic Dan Dare: Voyage to Venus Part 1 by Frank Hampson. One book in the classic series first published in The Eagle.
The Complete Far Side. All Gary Larson’s cartoons plus background information and most interestingly, letters of complaint! cover
cover The Coffee Table Art Book by R Crumb. Underground artwork from the inventor of Mr Natural and Fritz the Cat.
Spirit, the - Archives, Volume 1 by Will Eisner. Eisner is truly one of the greats. The comics version of Film Noir (Comic Noir?). cover
cover Plastic Man, the - Archives, Volume 1 by Jack Cole. Classic, humorous, super-hero stuff.