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ACSFilters are freeware filters for Adobe photoshop. They were written for Photoshop 2.5.1, so are a bit old now. I hope to rework these when Photoshop 7 comes out (if they have a cocoa development kit).

Download (mac only, 80K)

This is a summary of the filters:

Fractal cloud, surprisingly enough, draws fractal clouds. Input parameters allow the nature of the cloud to be altered. See more examples
The purpose of Equalise is to equalise brightness levels in sub-regions of the picture, bringing out details which are otherwise lost in bright areas or shadows. Depending on the level to which you apply it, it can introduce some weird colour effects as well. See more examples
The Bitplane filters treat the picture as a series of planes. Turning off individual planes gives posterisation or false colour effects. See more examples
A few miscellaneous filters here.