Fractal Cloud

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Fractal cloud produces a monochrome cloud. It takes a parameter, H, which affects the 'choppiness' of the cloud:

H = 0.0H = 0.5H = 1.0

Fractal Cloud also takes a Seed parameter as input. This is used to seed the random number generator which builds the cloud.

Using the same Seed and same H will give you the same cloud each time. Using the same H but different Seed will give you a different cloud, but one of similar quality.

The Black Below parameter sets the pixels below a certain percentage of brightness to black. By using a series of clouds with the same H and Seed, but different Black Below value, you can build up a series of layers.

BB = 20%BB = 35%BB = 50%

By combining layers with different colours and using the Levels dialog within Photoshop, you can create terrains, skies, and other effects:

Liquid and texture effects can be created by combining Fractal cloud with Find Edges, Emboss, and Equalise.